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This “Paradise” tattoo on Adele’s left hand goes with the “Angelo” tattoo on her right hand, symbolizing that her son Angelo is her paradise.  She had both tattoos done in the same session in June 2016, but at the time artist Bang Bang only released a photo of the “Paradise” tattoo since Adele was still keeping her son’s name private. The matching “Angelo” tattoo remained unseen for quite a while as Adele was taking a break from music at the time.

Lana Del Rey has a “Paradise” tattoo in the same spot on her hand which she has had for years, but Adele didn’t intend to copy. She says that she didn’t know about Lana Del Rey’s tattoo when she got hers and only learned after the fact. “She probably thinks I’m, like, some mad fangirl,” Adele joked in an interview with Rolling Stone“I mean, I am a Lana fangirl, but not a crazy one.”

The lovely @adelemusic came to get tattooed today ❤

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posted by Linda on November 12, 2016

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