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This tattoo on Maggie Lindemann’s bicep, which she got on June 18, 2016, is her fifth overall and her first large piece. It says ‘you built a cast around your broken heart, and signed it yourself. you signed it “they were wrong.”‘ in all lowercase letters in a typewriter-style serif font.

These lines come from the spoken word poem “To This Day” by author Shane Koyczan which is about the long-term effects of bullying. It means that even though bullying has a deep and profound impact and leaves you feeling broken, you have to heal yourself and keep going because you have value and you know in your heart that all of the cruel things that other people have said about you are wrong.

On instagram Maggie wrote:

“this quote means so much to me, so I’m veeryyy happy for it to finally be a part of me, thank you once again @romeolacoste I love it so much.”

She told Ampd Up:

It’s from this poet that is my favorite poet, his name is Shane Koyczan. I just always have loved that poem and it’s always helped me when I needed help. So I just thought, why not get it tattooed on me?


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hugs and kisses me up

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body starting to look poppin thanks to my trainer @mackfit ? show him some luvv

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posted by Linda on November 7, 2016

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