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Maggie Lindemann got this vampire-inspired “BITE ME” tattoo on the side of her middle finger in March 2017.  She told Coveteur:

My hand tattoos, like my ‘bite me’ one, are just because I love vampires. I want to get a fang tattoo, but I am just too scared to get a big artwork piece on me because I am so young still.

:) :P :3 :] :D

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posted by Linda on January 12, 2018

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  1. I love your tattoo,and you still pretty :-* :-* ,and remember im the one fan of you @MAGGIE LINDEMANN
    My name is:SHARZ from:PHILIPPINES
    and i want you to visit in the philippines,and i want to see you ,because you are my no.1 idol. .

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