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Jahan Yousaf’s first tattoo was “6-8-10” on the left side of her neck. It represents June 8th, 2010, the day that she and her Krewella bandmates put their lives on hold to pursue their music career full-time. In a blog post, she explains:

6/08/10 is the day I decided to drop out of college and quit my side-hustle job along with my sister Yasmine, our former band-member Kris, and our manager Nathan Lim who found us on Myspace. Letting go of the security of my college education as well as my source of income was terrifying, but in the back of my mind I knew that Krewella would never see the light of day if we didn’t nurture the project with daily practice, discipline, and work ethic. If we didn’t make the decision as a group to abandon all other pursuits to commit ourselves to music, I think I would have spent my life always wondering what Krewella could have been. I think I would have been tortured with resentment for not taking a risk. When we got the date tattoo’d on our necks, it was symbolic of our promise to Krewella, to never give up, and in a sense trapped us from ever getting jobs that required us to cover the ink in such an exposed place.

Her sister Yamsine, who has the same tattoo in a different font, bought her the tattoo for her 22nd birthday.  Since then, she has surrounded this tattoo with other inkings, but she hasn’t covered it.

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posted by Linda on October 18, 2016

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Jahan Yousaf Krewella 'One More Night' shoulder tattoo
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