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Melissa Marie Green has gotten small tattoos with past boyfriends, but she went big after she got married. She has her ex-husband’s name “Gavin” tattooed on the inside of her left arm, and she tattooed her own name on his chest to match. After completing a full sleeve on her right arm this is the first tattoo that she has gotten on the left.

Melissa decided to keep much of her relationship with Gavin private, waiting to announce their engagement until after they were already married. She explained “My life has been on blast ever since I can remember. This one was for us.” The pair were married in March 2016 and Melissa got the tattoo a few months later in June 2016. Since their “coming out” she’s posted lots of heartfelt and gushing messages about him on her social media profiles, like this one:

“I’ll never settle down…that’s what I’ve always thought. I was that kind of girl. Just ask anyone.” Everyone always says that someone “ties you down” – I mean, sometimes I won’t complain about that ;) – but my husband is the one man that has always supported me in anything and everything I want & ask for in life. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have someone so loving & understanding & trusting. I want to be honest – I’ve made some horrible mistakes in the past & abused his trust & it wasn’t worth it one bit. I didn’t believe that someone could really love me for ME. Even now, it’s about to be 6 months of being married & we realized we won’t be able to spend it together because of my career. I know that probably sounds cheesy but I don’t think people realize how appreciative they should be to get the chance to spend those stupid little dates & momentous occasions with the people they love. I cherish every second I get to spend with Gavin ❤️ Right now we’re 8 hours in time difference but when you read this baby just know I’m thinking about you & I can’t wait to see you soon. I love you.

Unfortunately, Gavin turned out not to be the person that she thought he was. In December 2016, she posted an instagram picture showing a huge bruise on her hip, and wrote:

‪I was PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, & VERBALLY ABUSED by my husband. Domestic violence is not okay to live with. I got out. So can you.‬

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posted by Linda on October 11, 2016

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  1. I know how it feels to be abused. It’s a dark a bad place to be. It took me years to break the cycle. I’m glad that you got out. God Bless You!

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