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Holly Hagan has Greek writing tattooed along her collarbone. It says “αγαπήστε τη ζωή εσείς ζωντανοί” which means “love the life you live.”

Celebrity: Holly Hagan




posted by Linda on July 29, 2015

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  1. Yeah that’s true.My native language is greek.It says love the life you alive.Love the life you live in greek is αγάπα τη ζωή που ζεις.

  2. It means nothing, it’s incorrect! If that’s what she meant it to say, then it should have been “αγαπήστε τη ζωή που ζείτε”. Her tattoo says “live the life you alive”. And in Greek, as you may notice, it’s not the difference of a single letter, it’s a different word!

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