Halsey got a tattoo which says “Serendipity” below her left breast in July 2014. It represents the luck that she has had in both her personal and professional life. It is a matching tattoo with her mother that represents how fortunate they are to have each other.

I have this tattoo that says “Serendipity” and my mom and I have it matching together. My mom and I have two matching tattoos which is funny because when I was 16 I hated her. But now that I’m 21 I’m like “let’s get matching tattoos!” So things change. But it’s serendipity, and it sounds really sweet. Serendipity is a happy accident. It’s something that happens that you’re not expecting that ends up being so perfect, with so much synchronicity. And I think that’s how my mother would explain my birth. So it sounds like a really sweet story until I tell you my mom calls me a happy accident.

Over time, as her music became popular and her fanbase grew, the tattoo began to take on a new meaning. Halsey attributes much of her career success to serendipity, knowing that so many artists who are equally as talented as she is never achieve the success that she has.

It’s very special because it’s come to mean so much more than that. There’s been a lot of serendipity in my life. A lot of things that have happened to me over the course of my career, over the course of meeting you guys, over the course of making this record, have seemed almost too perfect and too random to be true. And that’s the best part about all of it. I talk a lot in interviews about how there’s no such thing as math. I mean, math exists, but there’s no such thing as math in life and in making decisions. There’s no way to wake up and say “I’m going to follow all these steps to become the most famous musician” or “I’m going to follow all these steps to be the best mother” or “I’m going to follow all these steps to be the best girlfriend.” It doesn’t work like that. It’s a series of changes and it’s a series of failures and a series of successes. Sometimes things just happen. I can’t explain why I’m in the position that I’m in. And I also know a lot of really, really talented musicians who just can’t seem to make it work and I don’t know why, because it should. Because according to math, it should. But it’s not about math, it’s about serendipity. So it’s a very important tattoo.


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posted by Linda on March 11, 2015

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