Dove Tattoos

Catt Sadler

Catt Sadler has a silhouette of a dove tattooed on her left forearm, just below the inside of her elbow. In red are are the initials of her two sons: “AK” for Arion Kyle and “AW” for Austin William. She got the tattoo after her divorce from the boys’ father Kyle Boyd in 2008. The dove is a traditional symbol of peace.

Catt explained the tattoo’s meaning in a post on her blog:
“The tattoo on my left forearm came shortly after my divorce. I’ve always loved birds and the dove to me has really always represented peace & tranquility. That time in my life was especially turbulent and coming out of that darkness really required a resilience on my part – a commitment to peace and love and forgiveness. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than a dove and my children’s initials in red. Arion Kyle, my baby and Austin William, my first born.”


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Colleen D'Agostino

Colleen D’Agostino has a tattoo of music notes spanning both of her wrists.  On her left wrist is a dove carrying an olive branch which is a Christian symbol of peace.  In the biblical story of Noah’s ark, Noah knew that the flood was over when the dove that he sent out returned with an olive branch in its beak.

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