Arm Tattoos

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne gets a white bee ink tattoo on her right shoulder from tattoo legend #MarkMahoney.
She did this tattoo in honor of @joanrivers…”If you looked at aerodynamics, at science, the bumble bee should not be able to fly. Physically, it was just not anatomically equipped to soar. Yet it did, defying gravity, defying logic. The bee was a creature that defied and beat the odds, a miracle.” Thank you for being my Miracle @joanrivers. ?? – she said on her Instagram.

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NikkieTutorials has a tattoo with a wolf, an owl, a panda and a penguin on her left forearm. The realistic images were done by tattooist Evan Kim. ????

The first ink piece of her zoo-themed sleeve was the wolf. She continued with a Harry Potter inspired ink – an owl with a geometric detailing on top that looks like the Deathly Hallows symbol.
Then she added an adorable geometric panda tattoo to her arm and the last ink that completes the design was the penguin.


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Karol G

Karol G has a tattoo on her right upper arm in Spanish saying “Venecete a ti misma” which can be translated to “defeat yourself”

When you defeat yourself, there will be no sun to burn you, no rain to soak you, no wind to stop you, no mountain that will not yield to your steps … The only thing that can stop you is YOUR OWN WILL!

– Karol said on her Instagram account:

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