Kreayshawn Tattoos

In September 2016, Kreayshawn got a tattoo on her chest of the Anima Sola, which is a Roman Catholic depiction of purgatory. It is a woman being engulfed by flames while her wrists are in chains.

“Baby doll @kreayshawn got her first chest piece like a boss!” wrote artist Soto Gangster on instagram.


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Kreayshawn shared this photo in September 2016 of some of the stick and poke tattoos that she has done on her own leg just above the knee.  Her simple designs included a planet, tragedy theater mask, the leaf logo from the Nintendo game “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” and a trio of balloons.  “LOL Stick and pokes I been doing on myself! Someone get me a tattoo gun ?????” she wrote. (more…)

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Kreayshawn got this tattoo of the Pink Panther holding a spray can in memory of two graffiti artist friends who died around the same time.  “@rukus_tattoo did this tattoo on my leg the other day. Got it for my painting bros who passed this month .#RIPAntonioRamos #RipAnemal” she wrote. Tattoo artist Rukus specializes in cartoon tattoos. (more…)