Vanessa Hudgens: Butterfly Top, Denim Shorts

photo posted by Vanessa Hudgens on instagram

Vanessa Hudgens attended Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival wearing Area Crystal Butterfly Top ($695.00 – wrong color), Rolla’s X Sofia Richie Dusters Short ($79.00), Sienna Alexander Notting Hill Rimless Micro Sunglasses (Sold Out), Teardrop Diamond Drip Diamond Tripe Row Bodychain ($12,500.00), Multi Shape Moonstone Diamond Shaker Necklace ($8,500.00), Green Pearl Sweet Leaf Inlay Necklace ($5,500.00), Turquoise Beaded Anklet ($1,375.00 – similar style) and Double Row Hammered Disc Anklet ($3,190.00) all by Jacquie Aiche, and Windsor Smith Fantasize Leather Platform Heels ($139.95).