Taylor Momsen: Goth Boots, Red Plaid Pants, Eat Pray Love Tee

Taylor Momsen: Eat Pray Love Tee, Red Plaid Pants, Goth Boots

Taylor Momsen behind the scenes of her Samantha Thavasa photoshoot – photo: taylor-momsen.net

Recently it seems that Taylor Momsen’s taste in footwear has gotten less stripper-chic and more gothic. She has worn this pair of New Rock 189 Black Platform Boots a few times. At a recent photoshoot she wore them with T Back Jeans in Red Plaid Print by Tripp NYC ($66.00) and The Eat Pray Love Tee from UNIF ($67.00). UNIF is know for their provocative tees (Brenda Song recently wore a Nazi parody tee which I find incredibly distasteful), and this tee reads “Eat LSD, Pray to Satan, Love No One.”