Cherri Bomb: Monster Aesthetics Tees

Miranda Miller: Wolf T-Shirt

All four members of the girl band Cherri Bomb wore t-shirts from Monster Aesthetics during their set at Warped Tour in Long Island. Monster Aesthetics has a booth at Warped so you can buy any of these tops in person if you are going to the remaining dates.

Miranda Miller wears the Cream Wolf Tee ($25.00)

Julia Pierce: Cross T-Shirt

Julia Pierce wears the Black Cross Tee ($25.00)

Rena Lovelis: Death Metal Tank Top

Rena Lovelis wears the Gray Death Metal Tank (not online, $25.00 for t-shirt version)

Nia Lovelis: Wolf Tank Top

Nia Lovelis wears the Black Wolf Tank ($20.00)