Britney Spears: Studded Leather Jacket

Britney Spears in her "'Till the World Ends" music video

In her new music video for “‘Till the World Ends”, Britney Spears wears the totally drool-worthy Burberry Prorsum Studded Leather Biker Jacket, which is covered in spikes and studs. Priced at $5,995, drooling is about all I’m going to be doing; but if you are crafty, you can add your own spikes to a basic biker jacket.



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  1. @ Sam stop. Musician refers to making music, Britney gives us music every time she puts out a new album. It doesn’t matter if her voice is robotized and overproduced but she is a musician, listen to Everytime, a song she wrote and composed the music to. She has written a lot of her songs (not singles-thanks to her record label releasing more upbeat dance stuff) and can play the piano. I mentioned her robotized voice but to be completely fair, her voice is just a little nasal naturally, so that’s why it sounds distorted on songs. AND not even Rihanna, Gaga, Katy Perry or any other pop artist out there RIGHT NOW can match Britney’s dance skills in her best years. When Britney was Rihanna’s age she was lip synching cuz she was dancing her a** off, where as Rihanna and Gaga lip sync and half-a** their dancing. And regardless of all that, her jacket in this video is super cool so just appreciate that.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this site is for female MUSICIANS. Britney spears cannot sing or play any kind of instrument (nor can she dance) so what the hell is she doing on here exactly?

    “This isn’t your typical celebrity style blog”