Los Angeles Tattoos

Amira McCarthy

Amira McCarthy palm tree arm tattoo

Amira McCarthy from Neon Jungle got a palm tree tattoo on her left forearm to remind her of Los Angeles, California. “So happy it looks exactly how I wanted it to,” she writes. “I used to live in LA and there are palm trees everywhere!!! It reminds me of sunny CA.” Artist GabzInk did the tattoo in December 2013. (more…)

Hanna Beth Merjos

Hanna Beth Merjos and her friends Sarah Chapin and May Rose have matching “Valley Dolls” tattoos on the sides of their fingers with anarchy symbols for the A’s and dollar signs for the S’s. The tattoo is a reference to the book and movie “Valley of the Dolls” and the San Fernando Valley where they live. They got them done in November 2012.