Moon Tattoos

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne celebrated her older sister Dani Thorne‘s 23rd birthday by getting matching tattoos and new ear piercings at Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles on January 20, 2016. Bella’s tattoo — which is her second — is of a crescent moon and two stars on her ankle while Dani’s is a planet in the same location. (more…)

Bethany Cosentino

Bethany Cosentino has a tattoo on her left ring finger of the Triple Goddess symbol, which is the three phases of the moon. In pagan mythology the waxing moon is the “Maiden” who represents new beginnings, the full moon is the “Mother” representing power and fertility, and the waning moon is the “Crone” symbolizing wisdom and death.

Marzia Bisognin

Marzia Bisognin aka “CutiePieMarzia” has a tiny crescent moon tattoo on her left wrist, which she got done in July 2014. She explained on her instagram that it has a lot of meanings for her, but didn’t divulge the details:

“Here it is! I have been thinking about getting a new tattoo for almost 3 years now, but something kept stopping me. Yesterday night I realized there was NO reason for me not to do it, so first thing in the morning, I went and got it. Honestly, until yesterday night I had no idea what I wanted to get, but then it suddenly hit me: I wanted to get a small moon on the side of my wrist. I have plenty of reasons why I wanted a moon inked on me, so it seemed almost silly to me how I have never thought about it before! Anyway, hope you like it, this little guy is going to be with me forever ;) PS. No it didn’t hurt at all.”