Funny Tattoos

Chloe Ferry

Chloe Ferry has a tattoo of a chicken drumstick on her left middle finger. Even though it’s silly, she explained that the tattoo keeps her optimistic. “The reason a got the chicken tattoo is when ever am down a just think you can get chicken nuggets from macdonalds for 2.99,” she tweeted. (more…)

Bella Thorne

Cat-lover Bella Thorne got this tattoo of a cat’s whiskers and nose on her right index finger in May 2016, at the same time as the heart on the palm of the same hand. This is her second cat-related tattoo, following the cat behind her ear which was her first tattoo.


Inside her right elbow, Kreayshawn has a hamburger with Mickey Mouse inside. The original illustration is by artist Joshua Agerstrand. She says: “It’s Mickey Mouse in a cheeseburger. I like burgers, I like Disney characters, so why not put ’em together? Would you eat a burger with a rat inside? I wouldn’t, but it looks good.” (more…)

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