Tove Lo’s third tattoo is this design on her right forearm of a heart with an eye in the middle and flames coming out the top. The image comes from the paintings of artist Mark Ryden. She told Idolator “It’s in a lot of his paintings, but really small. So I wanted to blow it up because I just love the eye so much.” Tove Lo’s tattoo combines details from multiple occurrences of the symbol: the eye in the heart comes from the painting Sophia’s Mercurial Waters while the flames look most like those in Swap Meet Man.

The tattoo was done at Infamous Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. She describes her artist as “a total asshole but very talented.”

Tove Lo has had three tattoos — this flaming heart, a scorpion, and a girl riding a bee — for the entirety of her career, so we’re not sure precisely when she got them. She first showed off this tattoo in a June 2012 instagram photo, though it could possibly be older than that.


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posted by Linda on November 9, 2014

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