Grimes and her friend Hana Pestle aka HANA got semi-matching Lord of the Rings tattoos in July 2018. Artist Delphine Noiztoy came over to HANA’s house to tattoo both of them with writing in J.R.R. Tolkien’s elvish language. This was HANA’s very first tattoo and she got the Gandalf quote “and all turns to silver glass” on her thigh. Grimes got elven script on three of her fingers reading “Contradiction / Be ready for war / No shields allowed” which is not a direct quote from the book series.

??? grateful for another trip around the sun

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‘and all turns to silver glass’ – a gandalf quote & one of my favorite lines referenced in annie lennox’s into the west. one of my favorite memories of youth is singing/screeching the lyrics into the angry sea at guadalupe beach with my sister @skypestle on a magically tempestuous day the first time i read lord of the rings as a teen i was camping with my family in big sur, an unbelievably gorgeous place in california and one of the most spiritually charged places i’ve ever been. those days have always felt like the foundation of a huge part of my soul. since then i’ve always known i would get elven script on my body, but i knew i could only get it when the perfect moment presented itself to me. when my best friend and my favorite tattoo artist showed up at my doorstep i knew in my heart it was the time. i feel connected to my body in a much deeper way & i am so thrilled with how profound & euphoric this has been for me. thank you @delphinenoiztoy & @grimes i love you!

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