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Ariana Grande got a little outline of a lightning bolt inked behind her right ear in June 2018. She hasn’t talked about this tattoo, but it’s almost certainly based on her love of Harry Potter as she’s known to be a huge fan of the series.

Her fiance Pete Davidson has his own lightning bolt tattoo on his wrist, though his looks a lot different. He’s had his for a long time, but it was another one of his Harry Potter tattoos that caught Ariana’s eye the first time they met on the set of SNL. “I remember I looked off stage right…and I saw he had his sleeve [up] and I saw the Deathly Hallows [on his arm] and the tiny tip of a Dumbledore quote,” she told Zach Sang. “I thought he was cute so I was looking over anyway.” But the tattoos sealed her crush.

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posted by Amelia on August 30, 2018

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