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Julia Michaels got this tattoo on her upper back which says “Kiss Here” from artist London Reese in August 2017. She describes how the process of co-creating a design with a tattoo artist is similar to writing songs as part of a team. Julia and her co-writer Justin Tranter have written major hits for artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. She told Vevo:

You’re trusting somebody to put something so permanent on your body, and with songwriting it’s the same. You’re having somebody come in, and you have to trust this person completely to help you articulate words into a song. And then there’s a trust there. Because of that, you become really close friends with them.  Like London, who does a lot of my tattoos.

New new :) thanks @londonreese #kisshere

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IT IS HERE. My insanely talented homie, @imjmichaels, released her debut song, "Issues", and mini album and is now busy taking over the world. We had the opportunity to hang out and discuss tattoos, art, and music, as part of her @Vevo Lift special. She talks about her personal journey as an artist and as a human. We even did a small tattoo on her back. This girl is amazing. She is a songwriter for a ton of pop stars, and now she is one, herself, with her rad solo debut. I'm real proud of this kid and I love her humility, zest for life and passion for the arts. Check it out, now on @Vevo. Link in bio. @imjmichaels @vevo @theblacklanternoc #londonreese #backstageink #vevolift #vevo #juliamichaels #jmichaels #issues #theblacklanternoc

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posted by Linda on January 9, 2018

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