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Somaya Reece has the phrase “my life is my message” tattooed on her chest.

This may not mean much to anyone but I'm really humbled and proud of what I've accomplished this year alone? Coming from being homeless, abused, shot, stabbed & flatlining, to owning my own successful businesses Is truly a dream come true. I have been focused on building my brand through hard work, faith and my belief that it could happen if I just tried. It has been countless long 18 hour days working on these projects all by myself on my own dime. I have survived life and even when I was going thru horrible things I still believed that there was a light at the end of my tunnel. And so, I kept going I kept it moving. I was crazy enough to believe I could do it and I made it happen regardless of the obstacles that came my way. This year I traveled the US touching lives with my sold out fitness tour #FitnessWithFriends, I wrote & released my #5DaySmoothieSlimdown booklet guide, I built my clothing store from ground up @somayascloset including all the design + the photography which I do myself, I signed another 2015 deal with Divine Nutrition Products @divinenutrition for my fitness brand, I launched my health blog @thisfitsme which is now the #1 blog source for a "Realistic Approach To Fitness" my blog has beat out large corporations all by the support of my daily readers thank you? My records have done well in Latin America, now my next venture ending this year (to get it off the ground in 2015) is my #GetSlimDetox tea. As long as God continues to bless me with health, a brain, two hands and feet…. I will work as hard as I can for my family and I. I want to set an example for others that YOU CAN MAKE IT far in life regardless of circumstance. I was broke and homeless once and I did it. Never stop believing. Shit goes wrong all the time in life. But you can either chose to be a victim or be a FIGHTER?I'm nobodies victim! I am a fighter, I am resilient, I'm a no BS driven woman. Bitchhhhhhh you guessed it! lol Anyways. Keep fighting for your dreams y'all. You can achieve all that you set out for, you just have to try.Fuck what a hater gotta say. They aint paying your bills. GET ON YOUR GRIND, WIN and show em who's BOSS?

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posted by Cristina on October 24, 2017

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