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Rihanna added a tattoo of a skull during her stay in Miami in 2008. It’s her only tattoo with colored ink and also her seventh tattoo. A skull and crossbones usually means danger, but it is neutralized by the pink hair bow the skull is wearing.


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island gal

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LOUD #complex #cover5

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Celebrity: Rihanna




posted by Linda on November 19, 2016

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  1. She’s so beautiful. Tattoos add nothing.

    The artworks themselves have value, but why put them on your skin?

    I hate tattoos. They look like someone’s taken a can of spray paint to the Taj Mahal.

  2. …and another proof that money can’t buy you style! So, so sad, that she has all that money and NOT a single decent tattoo on her – they are all shockingly tacky! :-(

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