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Of all the many tattoos that Juliet Simms has for her husband Andy Biersack, the most obvious is his name “Andy” on her upper right arm. Photos of this tattoo surfaced in October 2011.

Exciting news this week! Be on the look out? #PM #AllorNothing

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stay true to yourself. live with conviction. make no apologies for your art. stand by your love. have an opinion but don't be a dick. lift up others. don't criticize other's looks or art. self expression should only be judged by thy self. don't be a victim. make things happen regardless of obstacles. ask questions when you don't understand. when someone tells you to stop singing, sing louder. more women supporting women. be bold, be brave. treat others fairly and kindly. don't assume anything or listen to gossip. always be extra. make people smile. listen intently. admit when you're wrong. respect the beliefs of others. love your fellow man. just a few things I think about everyday. . . . . . . . . . Photo taken by the brilliant @joshuashultz hair&makeup x @nikkinouvelle & @vtgesther

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posted by Linda on October 17, 2016

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  1. This is the first time I saw andy blacks(andrew dennis biersack)name on ur upper arm …its so cute and adoryble…I like the style of it ….its nice…oky let’s say I love all 25 tattoos …its amazing and adorable …some is cute and awesome and some of it is incredible …..

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