Lily Collins added a new tattoo below her “Love Always and Forever” upper back tattoo during a trip to South Korea in July 2016.  The new ink, courtesy of Tattooist Doy, features a nude woman sitting on a lily pad in the fetal position. The lily pad represents her own name, Lily.

“Flashing some back for #fbf. A beautiful keepsake from an incredibly memorable Korean adventure. Thank you @tattooist_doy for adding your artistry to my personal collection. Self love is the most important kind #LoveAlwaysandForever #lilypadinbloom #KrazyinKorea…” she wrote on instagram.

This tattoo was done using thin lines and watered down ink so that appears a faint gray compared to the crisp black lines of the tattoo above it.


Embracing the green on the red carpet for the #PGAawards…

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posted by Cristina on July 10, 2016

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