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Chantel Jeffries has Hebrew writing tattooed on her right side which is deeply meaningful to her.

“I got my tattoo in hebrew because of the meaning of what it says. Besides EVERYONE has arabic… Ill pass on that,” she tweeted.

We know that it is a religious message as the last word clearly says God. That’s the word on the left, since Hebrew is read right to left: אלוהים which is pronounced Elohim.

Our best guess is that the tattoo is meant to say “Jesus is God.”

The beginning of the tattoo is where things are unclear. We believe it says “ליעס  הוא אלוהים“.  This could be read in a way that the first word sounds a little like Jesus (though it’s more like Lias). However Jesus’s name in Hebrew in actually Yeshua (יֵשׁוּעַ) — Hebrew doesn’t have a J sound.

If any Hebrew speakers can make better sense of it, please leave a comment below.

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In between shooting w @aceofla today ?

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So much fun #swimweek! ???

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posted by Linda on January 21, 2016

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