Studio City Tattoo Tattoos

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart has a tiny little cross tattoo on her pinkie finger. She got it done in June 2016, sharing a video of the session on her Twitter and captioning it “Impulsive.” It was touched up in May 2017 by the same artist, Dan McWilliams at Studio City Tattoo.

Despite her tweet, the tattoo was not an impulsive decision. Lili thinks about all of her tattoos for a long time before getting anything permanent. “I come up with an idea, wait 1 year, and if I still like it I’ll get it.” In this case it was even longer than her 1-year waiting period. Back in 2011 she said that if she ever got a tattoo “I think it’d be about God. Maybe a little cross or a bible verse.” And in 2014 she wrote “getting an arrow and a cross for sure, also the name of my dog when she passes away.”

This is the only one of her tattoos which is ever seen on-screen in Riverdale. Lili’s real life tattoos don’t fit with her character Betty Cooper’s wholesome girl-next-door image so they are covered with makeup when she’s filming. “We kind of gave up covering my [cross] finger tattoo,” she told Refinery 29. “We literally don’t cover it anymore. So if you look, you will see [it]. It’s like an Easter egg.”


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