Animal Skull Tattoos

Maren Morris

Maren Morris got this beautiful watercolor-style bull skull tattoo from artist Amanda Wachob in July 2016. She chose a longhorn bull to represent her Texan heritage and added flowers to show her feminine side.  She explained on instagram how this tattoo represents the different aspects of her personality: “Little bit Texan sass, little bit feminine. Thanks, @amandawachob ! Love your talent. Have followed her work for almost 6 years! ???” (more…)

Brittany Harrell

Brittany Harrell has a half-sleeve on her upper left arm incorporating her peach tattoo. The tattoo has a few dessert/southwestern items including a cactus, snake, chili pepper, and buffalo skull.  There’s also a food theme — in addition to the chili pepper and corn cobs there’s also a tiny taco in the center of the flower!

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