Jenna McDougall Products

Jenna McDougall posted a photo on her instagram of the Backlight Priming Filter and Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme, both from BECCA. “This is the best foundation I’ve ever used @beccacosmetics,” she writes. “And how epic is this? ‘BECCA test its products comprehensively in human clinical trials. All trials are conducted on paid volunteers and neither BECCA, nor any company contracted to BECCA, conducts tests on animals.'”

“Photo on the left is ratchet.. But this is my base colour! The reds help tone down the blue shades in green. (Thanks for your colour expertise @fiftyshadesof_shea) I use @manicpanicnyc ‘Green Envy’ and wash with @sukinskincare to preserve the colour. Ta da! Now you know.. ?”

“Day off! Time to get my girl on. Love these colours by the way, thankyou assorted awesome people ;)!”