Jenna McDougall Products

“The glorious moment when you realise you’re NOT out of foundation! This is the best one I’ve ever used #girltweet”

“Feeling & sounding like a huge girlie girl lately.. But to be fair I’m just playing catch up on some girl time after the past 3 months on the road :) So with that preface, these are the new additions to my makeup bag! Eyeshadows, Blushes/Bronzer, Blush Brush ‘129’, Blending (eye brush) ‘224’, Base Visage Primer, Brow Liner (seriously best & most subtle I’ve ever used), Mineralize Skin Finish, Prep & Prime Highlighter, Cremesheen lipstick ‘Shanghai Spice’ and Satin lipstick ‘Del Rio’. I’d like to believe material things shouldn’t matter but hey if it makes you happy it can’t hurt!”