Choppy Bangs Hair

Hayley Williams

“(pls for the love of dog just indulge me) havent totally recognized myself in the mirror the last couple days but weirdly i’ve felt more like myself on the inside ? haven’t felt that since @colormebrian bleached my hair 2 summers ago. hair alllways says something about a person… and hair usually means a lot more to a person than you think. for a million different reasons. when @colormebrian turned my hair white 2 summers ago, it was because i desperately needed to show myself that i didnt have to live up to neon expectations. i needed a blank canvas, to learn myself and express the bleakness i was feeling at the time. lately, i’d been feeling like it was time for change again. this time i wanted to do something i’d never done before. my “natural” color. it was time to not only say goodbye to After Laughter but to show myself that i can welcome a new chapter of life and existence on this strange planet. alright well, here i go! ?.”

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