Volcom Post

Posted by Linda on January 25, 2012
Ariel for Hire's pink boots, ripped jeans, skeleton tee, and belt

Ariel Bloomer of Icon for Hire performs at Cornerstone in 2009 - photo by twidream10

I’ve gotten a few requests to post Ariel For Hire, so here goes. Ariel has a really crazy and fun style, if that wasn’t obvious from her neon hair. She loves hot pink and other bright colors as well as black and white. She’s extremely creative with her style and makes a lot of her own clothes — she actually sells custom pieces through an Etsy store which has tutus for $25.00 and hooded scarves for $38.00.

A typical outfit for her is a reconstructed tee with a tutu or other short skirt worn over ripped jeans. She likes wearing wrist cuffs piled over fingerless gloves. Her footwear choices are combat boots and super-tall high top sneakers.

This look is one that she wore back in 2009, so even though I’ve tracked down some of her exact pieces, it’s unfortunately sold out now. You might recognize her boots as Dr. Martens. They are the 1B99 in Pink Patent Leather and if you’re not a size 11 you can try classic 1460 in hot pink or Ariel’s taller style in Ruby Jewel. You can get slashed up jeans like hers for $75.00 from Current/Elliott, but I recommend you save yourself some cash and cut up a pair of your own.

Her top is a custom piece which she made from sewing Iron Fist’s Wishbone T-shirt together with black, pink, and striped fabrics and cool trims. This exact tee is sold out, but it’s available in other color combos – including hot pink – on Amazon and eBay.

Her exact belt is the Volcom Chester Belt, which is sold out, but you can get another very similar belt from Volcom or other similar belts from LRG and Empyre. Also pictured above are fingerless gloves for $22.00 from Etsy and a pink and black striped top for $14.80 from Forever 21.