Dimepiece Post

Posted by Linda on December 12, 2011
Porcelain Black

Porcelain Black in New York - photo from Dimepiece's blog The Paradime

Porcelain Black is wearing the Cross Fitted Dress from DimePiece Designs. DimePiece has a predominantly black and white aesthetic that matches Porcelain’s two-toned hairstyle, although she does wear colorful clothing as well. This black dress has a choppy neckline and large applique cross. It’s available in a number of stores, ranging in price from $25.00 to $64.00:

$25.00 at Apple Sauced (M only)
$53.00 at DJ Premium (M and L)
$60.00 at Lucky Lefty’s (S, M, L)
$64.00 at Skinny Bitch Apparel (S only)