Beth Lucas Outfits

Posted by taylorsellars on May 5, 2014
Beth Lucas: Fast Times Tee Outfit

photo posted by Beth Lucas on instagram

Beth Lucas posted a photo on instagram wearing a black tee from Fast Times Skateboarding in Melbourne, Australia which is no longer available. You can get a similar shirt with the original design, taken from the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, at AllPosters ($21.99) or on eBay ($25.98). She also wore a pair of American Apparel Disco Pants ($85.00) in Navy Blue and Vans Leopard Era Sneakers ($55.00). You can get a flannel shirt similar to the one around her waist from American Apparel ($68.00).

Posted by taylorsellars on November 8, 2012
Beth Lucas: To Die For "Pittsburgh" tee

Copyright Nick Bedford 2012

Beth Lucas posted pictures from a recent photoshoot with Brisbane photographer Nick Bedford, wearing the “Pittsburgh” tee from Californian tattoo inspired label To Die For, which sells for $24.99 USD. I can’t find the exact varsity jacket she’s wearing, however you can pick up a similar style from eBay, Reason or Alibaba (starting at $29 USD).