Soto Gangster Tattoos

Justine Skye

Justine Skye has a tattoo on the back of her right upper arm of two face — one sad and one happy. “Laugh now Cry later,” writes artist Soto Gangster.  Emotive faces are one of Soto’s signature designs and she has done similar designs for many clients.  Justine got this tattoo in November 2016 in the same session as a barbed wire tattoo on her finger.



In September 2016, Kreayshawn got a tattoo on her chest of the Anima Sola, which is a Roman Catholic depiction of purgatory. It is a woman being engulfed by flames while her wrists are in chains.

“Baby doll @kreayshawn got her first chest piece like a boss!” wrote artist Soto Gangster on instagram.