Jewelry Tattoos

Asia Argento

Asia Argento got her left upper arm tattooed shortly after the right in May 2015. ¬†The ornamental designs on her chest and both arms are all the creations off Marco Manzo and Francesca Boni. “Thank you for making me one of your living canvases #Respect #admiration,” she writes.

The beads and shield on the top of both shoulders are the same, but the left arm has a spiral mandala design.


Dagi Bee

In June 2014, Dagi Bee got a large tattoo on her right side of a rose with beaded dreamcatcher-like feathers at the bottom.  The tattoo is outlined in black and with minimal shading.

She thought about getting this tattoo for two years, but was scared of how painful it would be to get such a large tattoo on a sensitive spot. When she finally got it done she actually ended up passing out from the pain! But she loves it now that it has healed.


Ash Costello

Ash Costello completed¬†her hand tattoo in April 2015. She got “1031” on her knuckles¬†to represent October 31st. ¬†Halloween is her favorite holiday, but it’s really become more of a lifestyle for her.¬†Artist¬†Ryan Ashley Malarkey also added swirls all around Ash’s existing “Dead” tattoo, connecting the swirls to the new numbers with teardrop-shaped beads.