Horse Tattoos

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea got a tattoo of a blindfolded horse on her right forearm in July 2016.  Artist Sean Smith used etching lines to create the illusion of shading.  A dark area of the horse’s mane covers her old number “1” tattoo, while the long and flowing mane follows the curves of her existing Venus tattoo.  The was the first of a series of tattoos which she got within the span of a few months to convert this arm into a half-sleeve.  The Venus tattoo stayed but she eventually covered up her old “Trust Your Struggle” tattoo.

Iggy Azalea developed a love for horseback riding during 2015.  One of her new years resolutions was to learn to ride a horse well and that goal turned into a full-blown passion.  She bought two horses of her own named Defender and Strictly Business (nicknamed “Bizzy”).  2015 was a hard year for her career-wise and riding helped take her mind off things.  She tweeted “Horses saved my life and now I have two and it’s all good. Now I have discovered another passion.”

The blindfold on the tattoo could have a few meanings, including keeping calm in the face of danger and blind trust.  The most common reason that owners put a blindfold on a horse is to keep it from becoming frightened.


Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez got her first two tattoos in one session in July 2014 with artist Lauren Winzer. The larger of the two is a colorful pastel carousel horse on her left forearm. Melanie has said that she loved carousels as a child. One of her first singles was the song “Carousel” in which uses a carousel as a metaphor for a relationship which is stuck going in circles.  The tattoo isn’t specifically a reference to the song, but rather both are a reflection of the same aesthetic. “There are certain [tattoos] that mean different things. I loved carousels since I was little, but that’s also why I wanted to write a song called Carousel, so everything in my life kind of fits together,” she told Now 105.