Ariana Grande: Latex Bunny Ears Outfit

Ariana Grande: Latex Bunny Ears Outfit

“Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (A Cappella)” – video: youtube

Ariana Grande traded in her cat ear headbands for a rabbit ear headpiece on the cover art of her new song and album Dangerous Woman. She sang an a cappella version of “Dangerous Woman” for her YouTube channel wearing the Bunny Ears on Hood (£250.00), Candy Cup Catsuit (top only – £183.33), Peplum Belt (not available online) and Latex Gloves (£24.17) all from Atsuko Kudo.



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Atsuko Kudo


  1. Ok so my mom said she would by this for me for Halloween and Ariana grande is my favorite person ever (u don’t even know) and I wanted to know how much this was all together and can u order it

  2. Im being dangerous woman for halloween so for a cheaper outfit go to target and get a plain black sweater with no hood; $20. Go to amazon fo. $4 get a plastic bunny mask (this looks the same just the ears dont flop back). get leggings anywhere plain black for a few dollars. Then go knlibe or to party city fir the jail thingy that you hole for mugshots. Then you will have the album cover outfit and the cut scenes. For more of a look, do a half ponytail (also the half ponytail can cover the mask part more. If you hsve shorter hair go in amazon or ebay and search ariana grande extensions. These are about 3-5 dolkars deoebds on the obes you get. The extebsiobs have her sane hair color so it loojs mire realistic. Tip: (Put on red lipstick to throw it all together) Theres the much cheaper version. Have fun!

  3. love it want as halloween costume cam yuo please send the outfit to me i love it and i love you ariana drande

  4. The outfit (excluding the pants because a price wasn’t given) is $660.58 for all you Americans! Dangerous Woman 14 days!

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