Hayley Williams: Latex Polo Shirt & Leggings ...

Hayley Williams: Latex Polo Shirt & Leggings

Paramore live on Conan on August 12, 2013 – video: youtube

Hayley Williams performed on Conan last night wearing a black Syren Latex Polo Shirt w/ Trim ($175.00) and Syren Latex Leggings ($150.00).



  1. dj says:

    eugh, shes getting weird, and their music went downhill. im so sad. the whole latex thing gives me heebiejeebies. and she neeeeeever used to spend so much on clothes. the money is getting to her head i think ):


    Have to say, this is actually a really cool look. I love latex and this is just a cool way to emulate that. The hair, when I first saw it, it was pretty strange, meaning it caught me off guard, but then I realized that not only is this just “Hayley”, because we all know how much she loves to changer her hair every 2 months, but it also goes with the outfit.

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