Avril Lavigne: Nail Polish Strips

Avril Lavigne: Sally Hansen Nail Strips

Avril Lavigne promoting Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Avril Lavigne has teamed up with Sally Hansen to release 12 limited edition patterns of Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Peel-and-stick strips allow you to do your nails in all sorts of fun prints, and Avril’s collection includes checkerboard, zebra, leopard, skulls and more. “I always say that you need to be able to express yourself and these nail polish strips deliver the ultimate form of self-expression,” says Avril. “Their unique, bold designs offer long lasting results and are unlike anything else on the market. They totally rock!”

You can buy all 12 patterns in the Avril Lavigne collection for $9.99 each at Ulta Beauty or in stores. In the above picture Avril shows off the “You’re A Star” blue strips with black stars.

How to apply Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips:

  1. Clean your nails
  2. File edges
  3. Apply strips
  4. Peel off excess
  5. File away edges
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  1. I’ve only just discovered this through research of Avril’s latest activities for my news page – but never in my life had i been expecting these!!! Not only do i love the idea but it has provided me with a new idea so that I can add a new page especially for this. Congrats Avril, you can only get better as expected of ur wonderful self!!!

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