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In November 2009, Ash Costello got a “hidden” Mickey Mouse tattoo on her right index finger which is a matching tattoo with her friends Sheena and Brooke. Ash is a huge fan of Disney and frequently visits Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

“My family is a big Disneyland family. My great grandma, my great uncle, they all worked at Disneyland. My great uncle Eddie worked alongside Walt Disney developing the art form. My grandma was a can-can dancer. My mom worked there for a little bit, I worked there for a little bit. I just love it. I grew up like walking distance down the street. My family and I used to go to Disneyland like 3 times a week. I remember times when my mom would pull me out of school to go. So it just reminds me of being really happy at that time in my life. I can’t let it go.”

Twitpic / @Ash_Costello

Twitpic / @Ash_Costello

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posted by Linda on February 4, 2014

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