Kelly Clarkson has a tattoo of puzzle pieces on the right side of her upper back. The flesh tone puzzle piece is pulled away to display a scene inspired by The Wizard of Oz. She told Gay Times:

“How it is on me is, it’s like you’ve removed the top layer of me and you can see inside. So inside the puzzle piece is this little tornado with a golden brick road and a hot air balloon, a kind of Wizard of Oz theme. It’s like you peek inside. It’s a very dark tattoo actually, it was a childhood thing I loved but also it worked for my life at the time. I feel like when I got this tattoo, I don’t even know how many years ago, I felt no matter how hard I clicked I just couldn’t find a home. And by home, I just mean I’ve always longed for a family. A solid family foundation and I just hadn’t had that.”

She might not remember when she got it done, but we do! She got inked at Henk Schiffmacher’s Hanky Panky Tattoo Parlour in Amsterdam during her All I Ever Wanted Tour in February 2010.

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posted by Linda on December 3, 2014

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