Iggy Azalea had a small pink and green rose tattoo on her right forearm at the start of her career, but she quickly grew bored with it.  In November 2011 she tweeted about wanting to cover it but deciding not to: “I said I wanna cover up my rose tat cause I hate it and it was a mistake. He said don’t. Leave it to remind you no one is perfect, even you. <3”

But by 2012 she’d had enough.  In August she wrote “Lately I’ve been thinking about getting some new tats and getting rid of some old ones…” And by November she had a concrete plan to get rid of it, tweeting “I’m getting a new tattoo this week. A cover up actually. I’m over this rose.” and “yes, the rose is outta here! its days are numbered! @whoiscoreydavis is going to kill my rose.”

The was rose covered up with a large portrait of the goddess Venus.

Iggy Azalea x DC


as seen in her “My World” music video

Celebrity: Iggy Azalea




posted by Linda on August 14, 2013

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