Ellie Goulding triangle wrist tattoo

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Ellie Goulding’s first tattoo was a red ink outline of a triangle on the inside of her right wrist. Ellie loves triangles and in her song “Wish I Stayed” she sings “Why do I always draw triangles instead of the words this paper so deserves?”

She told GQ magazine “I got a random tattoo the other day. It’s a red triangle, which makes everyone think I’m arty, which I’m not. I used to draw red triangles all the time. It must mean something — maybe I don’t know it yet. But I’ll figure it out.”

Last night with @bulgariofficial ? @redemptionofficial

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Ellie Goulding triangle wrist tattoo

Celebrity: Ellie Goulding




posted by Linda on December 11, 2012

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