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This cloud on Ariana Grande’s middle finger was the first of many matching tattoos that she shares with her fiance, SNL comedian Pete Davidson. The tattoo was a shock to the world when it was seen at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, 2018 as she had only officially announced her breakup with ex-boyfriend Mac Miller ten days earlier. Even more shocking was the news of Pete and Ariana’s engagement after only a few weeks of dating.

Everything with their relationship has moved rapidly. He told GQ “The day I met her I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll marry you tomorrow.'” And if that sounds fast, Ariana wanted to marry him years earlier when she barely knew him. She revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she was smitten when she saw him in the writers’ room during one of her appearances on SNL two or three years prior and immediately joked to her tour manager “I’m marrying him, like 100 percent, like I’m literally marrying him.” But she never revealed her crush to him and didn’t even get his number. When they finally starting talking, things got serious quickly.

Ariana loves clouds and has used them in her merchandise for years, even naming her latest perfume after them. Clouds also seem to have a personal meaning to the couple, perhaps representing how he “fell from the sky into my lap” as she sings on the aptly-named track “Pete Davidson.”

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