Anne-Marie seems to have a very light tattoo along the front of her right thigh.

The last few years I’ve had a weird relationship with my body. Seems like every time I lose weight I wanna gain it and every time I gain weight I wanna lose it. Right now I feel good and have the energy to want to go to the gym (which is rare). I am accepting that I am the only one with my body shape in the whole world and I’m done with trying to look like other people! I am me! I’m gonna get fit because my body deserves the best. Whatever journey I am on with my body from now on I will do what’s best for it. Right now that means (trying) to eat healthy and working out. Do what’s best for you. Stop thinking your body isn’t normal because you don’t look like ‘her’. Accept your body. Be good to your body. It’s the only one we get. ?

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I just want u to love yourself no matter what u think. No matter what people say. It's easy to judge yourself if u don't look like that girl in that picture u saw on twitter the other day whose 'body was perfect' But what is perfect? Perfect ain't skinny, or thick or toned or thigh gap or any of that. Perfect is feeling good. It's looking at yourself and loving what u see back. I get comments on here that I'm fat. But do u think I'm fat? Exactly. Everyone has an opinion and just because u might not be someones idea of 'perfect' they will judge u and make u feel bad. But all that matters is your eyes. And your heart. And your happiness. I have cellulite. I have rolls on my belly when I bend over. I have a double chin most of the time. BUT I LOVE MYSELF. I want 2017 to be the year of loving yourself. Love every single part of your body. Even the stretch marks and the spots on your cheek or the scar from that big cut you had on your leg from when u were younger. LOVE YOURSELF. COMPLIMENT YOURSELF. BE HAPPY. ❤️

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posted by Linda on August 1, 2018

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