Mandy Moore has a sperm tattoo on her ankle which is related to a moment in her musical career back in 2007.

It symbolizes an inside joke between her and her touring band.  As the only woman on the tour bus Mandy got her own bathroom, but all of the men in her band had to share a shower.  They came up with a rule that no one was allowed to masturbate in there.

One of her band members said “I don’t want babies on my feet” and it became a big joke between them.  They even created a song called “Babies on My Feet” that they sang onstage every night.  To commemorate the tour all the band mates, including Mandy, got matching “babies on our feet” sperm tattoos.

watch Mandy Moore performing the “Babies on My Feet” song that they wrote:

watch Mandy Moore explain her sperm tattoo in an interview with Seth Meyers:

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posted by Cristina on July 31, 2017

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