Ash Costello’s first tattoo was of a music note on the inside of her right elbow.  She chose a round whole note rather than the more commonly tattooed eighth note. This tattoo was covered by the large crow that she got on this arm in 2011.


My first tattoo you can’t see anymore. It was right here underneath the crow. The second I turned eighteen — that night I went out with my all friends, got a tattoo, woke my mother up at 3 am and was like “mom, I got a tattoo. I did it.” She said “No you didn’t, you’re lying.” Like “No, I did.” Poor thing.  And it’s been a running routine ever since.  Every time I get a tattoo.  But it stopped when I finally got my mom’s name tattooed on me. So I figured she couldn’t get mad at me any more and it totally worked.

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posted by Linda on February 4, 2014

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