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Jade Thirlwall has a tattoo along her spine which means “Anyone can achieve their dream if they’ve got the courage.” It’s a tribute her her maternal grandfather, Mohammid Badwi, and she has it written in Arabic because he was Arabic. Jade is quarter-Egyptian and quarter-Yemeni.

“It’s taken three years to get it right, as I’m such a perfectionist,” she told UnrealityTV “Basically, it’s in Arabic, as my Granddad was Arabic, so it’s kind of like a memory of him. It says ‘Anyone can achieve their dream if they’ve got the courage’.”

Oh hey sexy bum @jadeameliabadwi <3

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It was a catsuit kinda night

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posted by Linda on October 20, 2016

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  1. She has six tattoos now, this needs to be updated. In July 2019, she got a tattoo on her right foot and it is Egyptian henna (she is quarter Egyptian). Then in November 2019, she got three tattoos in one session. She has Arabic writing on the top of her left shoulder (I don’t know what it means, she hasn’t told us). She got ‘Queen’ in Arabic tattooed on the side of her left rib cage and an upside down triangle at the back of her left ankle which she got with a number of the dancers from the LM5 tour to signify the tour as that was the symbol.

  2. @jadethirlwall three days ago i was 14 and i know what it feels like to be bullied u r my fave from little mix and dont let anybody bring u down u r my hero because u r the one who helped me when i was bullied and ur an inspiring young lady thank u for helping i appreciate i cant thank u enough so thank u ur a strong beautiful and inspiring lady who has a heart of gold love ellie thomas xxxx

  3. Hi jade your tattoos are amazing the way they are made and I love the love heart .Could I meet you please to talk about your life as a singer and a member of the band azwa was wondering if she could be part of the band I am 14 years old girl l love singing and I love your voice jade the way you sing thanks kind regurds miss azwa marini xxx

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