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Krysta Cameron has tow music-related tattoos on the inside of her right arm. Below her elbow is a red heart surrounded by the words “All is full of love,” which is the title of a Björk song. On her wrist are the words “Against Demons” and a sand-dollar (which looks like a star in a circle) from a Radiohead album art. This was one of her earlier tattoos and has a much heavier black look than her more recent work, however the sloppy look of the writing and image is a reflection of the original artwork.

Celebrity: Krysta Cameron





posted by Linda on October 14, 2016

Krysta Cameron Tattoos

Krysta Cameron gummy bear tattoo
Krysta Cameron's chest piece tattoo
Krysta Cameron hand tattoo
Krysta Cameron finger heart tattoo
Krysta Cameron's sleeve tattoo
Krysta Cameron's sleeve tattoo
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